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What is #BestBossToWorkWith Challenge?

The #BestBossToWorkWith (BBTW) 2018-19 challenge was envisaged to celebrate great bosses, identify what they are made of and to help create a culture of feed forward.

We aim to enable the creation of work environments within organisations where individuals can draw upon their passion and creativity to contribute their best which in turns boosts engagement and productivity. The organization culture is driven by the managers.

Highlights of BBTW 5-dimensional framework:

BBTW 5-dimensional framework details out the qualities and capabilities of Best Bosses and how they enable an engaged workforce. We have measured these through an extensive online survey and developed a detailed report.

Personal Development
Encourages the team to develop themselves on a continuous basis.

Career Development
Supports the team members to further their careers.

On The Job Support
Provides on the job guidance to the team.

Reward and Recognition
Appreciates the team and recognises their contribution.

Diversity & Inclusion
Has an open mind and is inclusive of varied differences.

Leaders speak


#BestBossToWorkWith Season 2 Arriving Soon!!


Benefits for the participating organisations

Culture of
People Development

Encourage a culture of people development and recognize bosses' role in developing great teams.

A Great Employee
Engagement Initiative

Employees will get an opportunity to be heard and contribute in creating a great organizational culture

Quick Comparison
Data Points

Know your organisation's comparative score w.r.t. other organisations within same or other industries.

Contest Participation Rate

Will enable you to know how managers are found engaging by the employees.

Good Bosses

Know what makes some bosses outperform others.

Detailed Analytics

Receive detailed reports for each nominee and analytics for your organization.


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